Monarch Plugin Review for WordPress [in 2019]

Monarch Plugin Review for WordPress [in 2019]

In this article, we present Monarch plugin, one of the best plugins ever for managing and optimizing the sharing of your posts on social networks.

Why Monarch Plugin?

Monarch is not limited to inserting beautiful icons that allow your users to put a like.

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 1

Monarch goes further.

Thanks to its many setting possibilities it becomes a real tool to capture the attention and persuade the user to share.

As you can already guess from the control panel shown below, its management is very simple and anyone, even without any technical knowledge, can succeed in setting it up without help.

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 2

Once installed it consists of 2 main sections, one for social sharing and one for social follow.

In the first, we will manage the powerful sharing tool, while in the second we will connect the website to all our social networks to view them and follow their counts.

Each of these sections has dedicated settings and general settings such as the one that defines what kind of posts or pages the plugin should be displayed on.

Let’s see in detail all the features:

Social Sharing

The first thing you need to do to configure the section is to enter all the social networks on which you want your posts to be shared.

Currently, there are more than 20 social networks available to choose from, but their number is increasing as new versions are released.

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From the dashboard, you can add them, organize them or delete them, and for each network, you can create a personalized label, such as “Follow us” or “Tweet this!”.

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 4


The possibilities for customization are maximized.

With Monarch, you can try out dozens of different combinations to test in the field which your users like best and which makes it better from the point of view of results.

You can decide to use one or more solutions at the same time.

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 5


Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 6If you decide to place the sharing icons on the sidebar (just like in this article), you will be able to choose between form, type of animation on mouse-over and manage colors, shapes, and spacing.

You can also decide whether to keep them simple or insert the counter of your likes on the various social networks.

The sidebar is a strategic point to position them because thanks to Monarch they will always remain visible even if the user scrolls the page.

You won’t have to worry about responsive aspects because the Elegant Themes developers have arranged it to be totally compatible with every device.

Above or below the content

This is the “classic” position, and in fact, it is the one that is generally chosen to integrate it with the previous one.

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 7

Monarch dynamically detects where the texts are positioned and arranges the icons automatically on a line depending on the number of columns you establish.

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 8

Also for this type of display, you can choose the type of animation, the shape, the colors, the alignment of the texts, and whether to show the counters.Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 9

 Pop Up

This is one of Monarch’s best weapons to persuade visitors to share.

Thanks to automatic pop-ups you can capture the attention of your user’s thanks to 10  different types of animation and you can also add a title and a text to encourage more action.

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 10

But that’s not all, you can also decide which type of user action determines the appearance of the pop-up.

In this way, you will be sure to attract him when he is more concentrated or when he is about to leave the page.

Let’s explain ourselves better and analyze all the options:

  • Timed Delay: the pop up appears after a certain period of time.
  • Bottom of Post: the pop-up appears when your user has finished reading and has reached the end of the article: we can “stop” it before it leaves us.
  • After Commenting:  the pop up appears after the user has commented on the page: therefore he is interested and we can hope that he wants to share it.
  • Upon% Scroll:  the pop-up appears when the user has reached a reading point that is determined by the scroll percentage of the page. This is, for example, a very useful system to interrupt the concentration with an unexpected message.
  • After Purchasing:  the pop up appears after the user has bought something on your eCommerce (it will be displayed on the thank you page if created with  WooCommerce ). A user happy with the recent purchase is likely to want to share it with his friends, and your site will, therefore, be suggested to his contacts.
  • After Inactivity:  the pop up appears after a period of inactivity on your page. If a user leaves your site leaving a window open, or if he gets up to make a phone call too long, you can call him back to the action before you start reading again.


The fly-In is a combination of the sidebar and the popup, as it brings together the two main features:

  1. It can always be visible on the page as the sidebar.
  2. It attracts attention because it appears after a specific action like the popup.

The main difference is positioning. Being a middle way of the two also in terms of size, it can only appear in the lower corners of the page.

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 11

This means that it is inevitable that the attention of the user will dwell each time the content is shaken.

Like the previous one, it also has 10 types of animations and can be customized with the same logic.

Media Sharing

This is another function that few dedicated sharing plugins have.

Media Sharing focuses on images.

If you are a photographer, an artist, a designer or if in any case, you have a website without a blog, but focused on images, you have found the perfect plugin to make them share.

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 12

By activating the option, Monarch will automatically detect the images on your page and, when the mouse hovers over the photo, the buttons for the share will appear.

In addition, the developers were attentive to the mobile aspects.

A site dedicated to photography with icons too big on images can become less pleasant, but Monarch reduces its size automatically depending on the device from which they are displayed.

Social Follow

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 13In the second section of the dashboard, we focus on our numbers and on our page.

The goal is to get more followers on our social networks and from here we can insert the ones in which we are present and decide whether to show the count of followers in real time.

After configuring it, you can insert the plugin thanks to the specific widget area, to present it wherever you want in your sidebar, or via a shortcode to insert into posts or pages.


Such a complete plugin could certainly not fail to incorporate also a useful analysis tool to gather in a single panel which contents your users like best.

Analyzing data is a very important parameter to understand the preferences of your target and to understand how to offer them an even better service.

From the top bar of the dashboard you can access the statistics panel:

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 14

After an (inevitable) period of data collection you can understand:

  • On which social media your users are most active.
  • Which are the social networks where your posts are most successful?
  • What are the contents that have been deemed useful enough to be shared?

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 15

The latter is an important parameter to understand what topics your readers are interested in and to understand where to put your efforts into writing future articles.

If you want to go into even more detail, you can also expand the statistics of each individual post and see how your visitors have behaved between different social networks.

Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 16

The data collected can then be exported from the dashboard menu bar.Monarch Plugin Review for Wordpress [in 2019] 17


Now it is clearer to you why Monarch is not a simple plugin, but a real tool to maximize your shares?


In this article, we have listed the merits and characteristics of Monarch plugin and understood why it is definitely the plugin to choose if your goal is to increase the sharing of posts.

Monarch is an Elegant Themes product, which does not sell its products individually, but subscribes to an annual subscription (which you can always decide not to renew and keep their products anyway).

It may not seem like an advantageous offer, but we assure you that, having signed it in person, it’s worth it.

This is because the cost of the annual subscription is little more than that of a normal premium theme.

The difference is that you won’t buy a simple theme but, in addition to Monarch, you can download the other premium plugins, all perfectly compatible with each other and 87 (but growing) professional WordPress themes.

If you are still undecided try to read the article on Divi theme review, then I believe that you will no longer have doubts and you will be ready to subscribe to their service too.

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