Guest Blogging [2019] Why is So Important in SEO

Guest Blogging [2019] Why is So Important in SEO

Before we find out why it is important to do Guest Blogging we understand better what it is.

The activity of the guest blogger allows you to make known your site, your company or your person, thanks to the writing of articles on other blogs, generally more “listed” than your own, which however deal with the same issues.

This is a really effective marketing strategy because it allows you to create lasting connections with sites that Google already considers valuable thanks to the inclusion of a backlink.

Why do we need Backlinks?

With backlinks, we simply mean a link inserted in the post that refers to a specific page of your site.

The essential thing is that, when entering the link, the rel = no follow attribute is not assigned by the blog hosting it.

Basically, this parameter tells search engines not to follow the linked resource, and not to consider it for rank purposes.

Making sure of this aspect is fundamental because the goal of guest blogging is exactly the opposite, namely to create a matrix of links scattered across the network on authoritative sites: the so-called link building.

Google’s algorithms continue to improve in an effort to offer the user the highest possible quality, and the value of the link ( link popularity ) is one of the aspects covered most.

In practice it works like the old word of mouth: if many people express a positive opinion about a product, and some of them are recognized as “experts in the field”, the product will more easily be attractive to users.

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How to check backlinks?

Just do a simple Google search with Free Backlink Checker to discover the services that offer this type of information.

Just enter the URL you want to analyze and the software will take care of the rest.

The most complete tool to monitor this aspect, along with the entire health of your site, is offered by Google Webmaster Tools.

why is it so important to do guest blogging?

Let’s analyze together the main reasons:

  • It allows you to get more visibility for your site.
  • If good quality, the post can gain new users, new potential customers, new newsletter subscriptions, social followers, etc.
  • It allows you to create a link building network that appeals to search engines.
  • It helps to strengthen your brand or the name and credibility of your site and the product/service you offer.
  • It allows you to get in touch with other professionals in your industry and create potentially useful professional reports for the development of your project.

guest posting

why should it be better to publish articles by other bloggers?

So far we have highlighted the advantages of Guest Blogging as a practice of publishing one’s articles on host sites, but what are the advantages for the sites that host the articles?

Well, if dozens of bloggers contact you to ask you to publish an article on your blog, you would find yourself in this precise situation:

  • You would get publishable original content without having to write it yourself or hire external resources.
  • You would increase the visibility of your pages because a blog continuously updated on a specific topic is the perfect product that search engines tend to reward. All this translates into the increased potential of your site in terms of sales volumes, online advertising, etc.
  • In the case of sites of enormous success, it would be possible to publish external posts in exchange for advertising or even for payment (even if the real Guest Blogging is born as a free practice).
  • You would have the chance to make collaborations for periodical publications of the most appreciated bloggers.

But be careful, as Matt Cutts points out, Google’s anti-spam engineer and Oracle for those involved in SEO:

In general I wouldn’t recommend accepting a guest blog post. Likewise, I wouldn’t recommend guest posting, guest blogging sites, or SEO blogging as a linkbuilding strategy.

In practice, it recommends the maximum selection of guest posts.

Only trusted authors who offer truly valuable content to their audience must be accepted, and in any case, we advise against making Guest Blogging the only strategy for their SEO.

The objective is not to make your links appear natural, the objective is that your links are natural.

We can only agree: the goal must not be to find strategies to make outgoing links look “natural”.

The purpose is to improve the user experience by creating valid content that deserves to be linked.

The increase in link popularity will be a pleasant consequence.

Quality of Guest Blogging. How good is?

Now let’s see what factors to consider when selecting sites for Guest Blogging.

Website Health

The first factor to be evaluated is its trust status.

Google determines the trust level of a site by giving it a score ( page rank ). The higher the score, the more authoritative the site is.

To know the domain authority of a blog there are several systems:

You can use specific sites like or

Secondly, the quality of backlinks should be checked of the domain by checking the backlinks and other aspects related to it with one of the online tools previously searched.

In the last aspect, the degree of popularity of the site in question must be assessed.

With popularity, we mean the frequency with which new contents are published, how these are commented and shared, how the public responds, etc.

Quality of the contents

The most authoritative source to retrieve valid information about winning strategies to succeed on the net and to perfect the performance of your site is Google.

Following the Matt Cutts youtube channel, for example, you will find out what are the trends and strategies that the search engine is processing and you will be able to promptly intervene on the settings of your pages.

Content is really the central point of the question.

The texts of the sites on which you intend to publish must be really useful to those who are reading them, they must know how to respond to a need collective.

It is therefore important that they are appreciated by the users of the site that hosts them and that they also reflect the style of yours.

The relevance of the context

On the web there are extremely generic sites, which publish content of any kind and more sectorial sites, which post only content linked to one or very few topics, generally related.

These are the ones you need to focus your attention on.

If you were to sell a new blender-juicer would you prefer to advertise it on a newspaper that deals with cooking, but also with art, politics, gossip, etc., or on a site dedicated to vegetarian cuisine or, even better, on one that sells recipes for centrifuged?

There is no doubt that, even if the overall audience of the second site is infinitely smaller than the first, you will only receive exclusive visits, of people genuinely interested in the “centrifuged fruit” topic.

Result? The guest post will be more effective.

The site manager

Even if in telematics, human contact always helps a great deal in understanding who you are dealing with.

Our advice is to contact the site manager personally and explain why he should host your post on his blog.

Tell us about your project and make it part, let them understand that your collaboration will be profitable for both.

How to write a Guest Post

Before concluding our journey in the analysis of the importance of guest posts, we want to summarize some simple rules for writing a successful one.

  1. Analyze the site that will host your blog, try to understand the target audience, the way of writing and how it relates to its users.
  2. Write a post adapting your approach according to the features analyzed and propose content related to those already published.
  3. It publishes useful information, which is not the repetition of something already present, but which analyzes some little explored aspect.
  4. Don’t “advertise yourself”, make sure the reader learns something and the advertising will come accordingly.
  5. Always reply to all the feedback you will receive from users in terms of comments and try to collect impressions about your post, it will help you improve.
  6. Don’t stop at one site, keep exploring the web and start building your backlinks on as many valuable blogs as you can find.


Guest blogging is an effective and very useful practice and, despite being free, it is one of the few online marketing strategies that really produces.

With quality guest blogging, everyone wins:

  • The authors of the blog: in popularity, authority and publicity.
  • Users: will find useful and comprehensive information.
  • Guest site: they will increase the contents of their pages and offer new services to their readers.

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