Enfold Theme Review [in 2019] Top Rated Theme

Enfold Theme Review [in 2019] Top Rated Theme

Enfold is a historical theme, which for years has been among the top places in the ranking of the best WordPress themes that you can find on Themeforest.

It is true, it does not have a “modern” design like Divi or Salient, but it is a subject of certain reliability, very suitable for creating an “institutional” site.

In this article, we will analyze all its main features, so that you too can evaluate it for your web project.

We will see the various possibilities offered by the options panel, how the Kriesi exclusive layout builder was designed and which are the premium plugins that you will find included in the package.

Enfold Theme Review: Is it good or bad?

Enfold was developed by the Austrian software house Kriesi and, as their website states, has over 240,000 sales with a score of 4.83 out of 5. Great, I’d say.


It is a multi-purpose theme that, as you certainly know, means that it can be used for any type of site.

As you can see from the demo versions, the graphic designers and developers have already set up different graphics versions to start with, valid for creating blogs, corporate sites or creative agencies, personal sites, photo sites, one page or e-commerce.enfold theme

Source: kriesi.at

Theme options

From the options panel, you can control all the general aspects of the theme. To access, use the Enfold button on the left menu or the Theme Options button on the top menu.

Let’s see the main ones:

General options

From the first screen, you set the general site home page, the logo, the favicon and how to load the pages.enfold theme General options

General layout

In the second tab, you set the page size, the type of layout and the proportion between content and sidebar.

I usually leave them set as default, but feel free to do any experiment you want.enfold General layout

General style

In this section, we find all the choice of colors for the character and the backgrounds.

At the top, you can already find color proposals that you can use to start from a ready-made base, but also keep in mind that, by importing the demo content, this section will be filled in automatically, so you can only customize what is strictly necessary for you.enfold theme General style

Just below is a handy preview showing the result of the settings.

Going further down you find the panel on which to intervene in a specific way, which divides the controls according to the various sections of the site:

  • Logo area
  • Main content
  • Alternative content (you can choose to recall the two color schemes when you work with the visual builder)
  • Footer and Socket
  • Fonts for titles and the main character

Below each section, you will also find a box to insert a customized CSS code.

Advanced style

This section is very important for more detailed control of some of the elements of the theme.

Enfold Theme Review [in 2019] Top Rated Theme 1

From the drop-down menu you can choose what to change:

  • Html tags for the body, paragraph, bold, quotations, etc.
  • The titles from H1 to H6 that you can modify only for some specific sections of the theme (for example in the image, the modification applied to all the titles is shown, and you can see that you can apply it only in certain areas).
  • Menu controls, to establish specific sizes and colors.
  • Other elements like image overlay, buttons, widgets, breadcrumbs, and slideshows.

Selecting each of these items you will find different dedicated settings that vary depending on the item you are editing.

Main menu

From the Main Menu tab, you control the type of menu (icon or text), the type of separator and the menu styles dedicated to tablets and mobile.


Here you check the header of your pages, that is the upper part of the site which includes logo, menu (also second level) and the title.Enfold Theme Review [in 2019] Top Rated Theme 2

The possibility of setting a custom header size is very useful. In this way, it is possible to adapt each logo image, especially in the case of vertically developing brands.

On the layout, tab chooses the arrangement of the elements (logo on the left and menu on the right, centered logo and menu below and so on).

In addition, choose the header style and its size. You can check every change from the preview above.

In the other Behavior and Additional Items tabs, you can select whether the header should shrink or disappear after the scroll and if you want to enable other information such as social icons, contacts, or a secondary menu.

The transparency tab instead serves in case you want to use a background under the logo and the menu.


With the sidebar tab set where you want to place the sidebar in the various sections of the site and what kind of style it should have.Enfold Theme Review [in 2019] Top Rated Theme 3

At the bottom, you can also create a custom sidebar to fill in as desired in the widget area.


The footer is the lower section of the main content which generally closes each page of a site.

If strategically designed, it can be really “productive”.

From the first drop-down window, check the type of display and the number of columns into which it is to be divided.Enfold Theme Review [in 2019] Top Rated Theme 4

Below you choose what to write in the generally copyrighted bar, which is called a socket.

The link to the Kriesi site is also added by default, which you can disable by adding the shortcode [nolink]at the end of the text.

Layout builder

It contains some specific settings, but you won’t need to go deeper, leave the settings you find by default.Enfold Theme Review [in 2019] Top Rated Theme 5

Blog Layout

If you have set the blog page in the Settings> Read menu, you will check its appearance in this section.

Enfold Theme Review [in 2019] Top Rated Theme 6

First of all, you have several style options that you should try and find the one you like best.

Then choose the layout, and even in this case you can use presets or decide whether to use the layout builder on the page.

In addition to the recovery page settings, you will also find those dedicated to individual articles.

Establish graphic appearance and functionality, choose which meta elements to display and which social sharing buttons to insert.

Social profiles

In this section, enter all the references to your social networks. They will automatically appear in the areas you want, like footers, second level menus, or in any widget area.


This tab summarizes all the features to maximize theme performance.

Leave them set as default because, unless special cases, they are already optimized for most sites.

Privacy and Cookies

From version 4.4 of Enfold a section has been introduced dedicated to the acceptance of site cookies as required by the law on GDPR.

Enfold Theme Review [in 2019] Top Rated Theme 7

Enfold is one of the few themes that have it and this avoids having to install an additional plugin.

By default, the classic approval bar is set (which you can display in various positions on the site). Enter the message that should appear and the approval buttons with a possible link to the privacy page.

Alternatively, you can also bring up a popup (Modal Window) with more detailed information.

Newsletter / Google Service

Enfold is already set up for integration with MailChimp and already offers the widgets dedicated to him.

In the Google services tab instead, you’ll need to enter the Analytics tracking code and the API key to use the maps.

Import / Update

In the last tabs, we find the one dedicated to the import of demo versions, in which a preview of the importable site is displayed as well as the necessary plugins and images included.

The Import / Export tab is used to save the theme options of your site or to import them from an XML file generated by another site that uses Enfold.Enfold Theme Review [in 2019] Top Rated Theme 8

The last section is used to register the theme with the API key on Themeforest, which is indispensable for downloading updates from the control panel.

The layout builder of Enfold:

Like many of his colleagues, Enfold uses an exclusive layout builder, made by Kriesi and available only on their products.

It’s called Avia, it’s very simple and intuitive and it is controlled from the backend of your pages.Enfold Theme Review [in 2019] Top Rated Theme 9

Available modules are divided into 3 categories:

  • Layout elements: to divide the page into rows and columns
  • Content elements: where you find all the main modules like the text block, the titles, the icons, the separators, the buttons, the retrieval modules for articles and portfolios and so on
  • Media elements: they are the most “graphic” ones with images, sliders, galleries, audio player.

Premium plugins

Like any self-respecting premium theme, Enfold theme review also includes the Layer Slider WP plugin, one of the most popular in the world for making animated sliders (like the one we put on our home).


In this article, we have completed the enfold theme review, the main features of a theme that we are very fond of and that, from the beginning.

It is a theme appreciated by many of our students, who have used it successfully in their web projects and, not surprisingly.

Enfold theme is a choice you’ll never regret because it offers guarantees of reliability and constant updates in terms of performance, security and new demo versions.

It is supported by a team of precise and passionate developers who have decided to devote all their efforts to constantly feeding their unique product.


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