Divi Theme Review [2019] How Good is The Divi Theme

Divi Theme Review [2019] How Good is The Divi Theme

Since the Divi theme entered the market, Divi has carved out more and more space in the preferences of professionals (and others), winning the label of the best WordPress theme available.

Divi is not a simple theme, because, for the first time, features are added that no other competitor can boast.

Divi is produced by  Elegant Themes, one of the best “independent” agencies that can be found.

We are sure that it will mark an important step in the history of premium themes and that very soon, the other WordPress theme software companies will have to adapt their products to bring them to the same level.

Look at the Demo

In this article, we will analyze all the main functions of Divi, in order to show you all the elements you need to seriously consider it for your project.

Now that you have an idea, we can start with the list of all the features of this incredible theme.

Divi’s Layout Builder

The layout builder there are several: the larger agencies tend to develop its own, while many rely instead on plugin already established as the Visual Composer.

But Divi’s is different from all the others and believe me: it’s really easy to use.


A builder from best WordPress theme

In the first place, it is the first time that the user is helped through the use of colors to distinguish the various elements that make up the page.

As you can see from the preview, each block is identified by a different color depending on the type of element to which it corresponds.

In this way, it is easy to identify the structure immediately and it will be easier to organize the contents, especially if there are very large pages.

Divi’s Visual Builder

Since version 3.0 of Divi, released in September 2016, an innovative visual builder has also been added.

This feature allows you to change all settings directly from the front end of the site.

In a nutshell, you will see your site exactly as you browse it, but you can edit it in every aspect and in real time.

Here’s how it looks:


Divi visual builder

You can easily insert new items by choosing from over 45  modules that the theme provides:

Divi visual builder add contentYou will be able to modify the textual contents with the new Inline Editor:

With the new Visual Builder, you save a lot of time in creating/editing pages and working up to the smallest detail.

Divi visual font text builder

Starting today, creating websites using this unique and powerful theme is even easier.

Seeing is believing!

Would you like to try the new visual builder in action immediately (free and without the need to insert any mail)?

All the functions that we will see later, refer to the “traditional” layout builder, but you will also find them in the brand new visual builder.

When you have purchased the theme you can choose the one you prefer to use depending on how you are best.

Import Layout

If it is not the first time that you have created a site with a premium theme, you will certainly have come across importers of demo files that worked half-way, or that imported so many pages that needed half a day to “clean up”.

The best WordPress theme changes the cards on the table.


Divi bulider layout importer

Now you can import layouts (combining them too) with a simple click.

Your media library will not be filled with files, but thanks to importable structures you can build an entire website in 10 minutes.

You’ll only need a little time to customize what you care, but as you’ve had the chance to try it for yourself, it’s going to be an easy and fun process.

From the same tool, you can save entire pages, sections, rows or individual modules, and then edit them from a single panel: the library.

This, being one of the important innovations of Divi, deserves a separate paragraph, which you will find continuing in the reading.

Divi - importer and exporter builder

Structure of rows and columns

Thanks to the new panel to manage the rows you can change the structure with a simple click, the system will automatically adjust the inserted modules that will adapt to the new structure in an instant.

divi customizer

From the new Customizer, you can also decide the structure and spacing between the columns and, thanks to the full-width function, you can create full-page rows alternating with standard versions.

There are so many layouts that you can choose, but in addition to the classic column structures, the Divi developers have introduced the new Special sections, which allow you to create alternative combinations between rows and modules.

All these innovations really guarantee the maximum level of customization and allow the creation of endless layout combinations.

In the case of columns with “non-uniform” contents, you can easily choose the Equal Height option to ensure that all column heights match, giving your section a tidier look.

Divi settings

Divi’s general settings panel is simple, but at the same time, it provides all the tools you need to have no setup limits.

You will be able to manage the general aspects, with the insertion of the logo, the social profiles, as well as the structure of the menu and the layout.

You can add an advertising banner to your pages and associate it with an AdSense account and get free updates to the theme and plugins.

Let’s see in detail everything that can be customized:

Theme settings


This is really a unique feature of its kind that could not miss the best WordPress theme.

From the default customizer sections have been added that will allow you to manage every graphic and visualization aspect, observing the changes in real time.

the customizer layout of the best WordPress theme

As the image shows, by simply moving the cursors, you can appreciate how you modify your pages, and this does not only apply to the structure, but also to all the elements and modules that it integrates.

Starting today, changing the appearance of your pages in seconds will no longer be a problem.

But let’s not stop there: with the new Mobile section you can change the appearance of some “key” elements of your pages so that their display is perfect on every tablet or mobile device.

Mobile customize


In the new Divi, you will be able to structure the header as you like, choosing between different possibilities for customization: Standard, centered logo, side navigation, retractable menu or fullscreen, etc.

Header Divi


You will be able to vary the size of the logo in real time and give additional options such as retractable navigation or transparency.

header logo


The aspects related to fonts and typography have been extended and it is now possible to personalize your own characters as if you were working on a word file.

Thanks to the modification in real time you immediately realize the final result.

Typographic management of the theme

From the customizer you can change, styles, characters (find all Google Fonts), colors, spacing, lines, etc.

The same goes for the elements that you will insert in the pages like the buttons.

Button setting

For each of them, you can customize the look in every detail.


Divi is a multipurpose theme, it can be used for any type of site, from blogs to very complex sites.

In the overview of possibilities, the shop version could not be missing.

Thanks to ready-made layouts you can build your eCommerce quickly, using one of the settings already designed to get the best results.

Divi and eCommerce

A / B Split Test of Divi Theme

Here is the main novelty that puts Divi in ​​pole position as the best WordPress theme on the market.

Divi inaugurates a feature that will transform your site into a real marketing tool: the A / B split test.

The A / B split test is a tool that essentially offers different versions of a page (or some element of the page itself) to the same sample of users.

Only with this type of analysis is it possible to understand which one sells the most or which allows you to achieve your goals, such as subscribing to the newsletter, rather than filling out a contact form.

AB split test divi

Testing the pages is essential even if the objective is not necessarily an economic transaction.

  • Do you want to understand which message attracts the most attention?
  • Do you want to understand which banners to insert to download your ebooks?
  • Want to get more newsletter subscribers?
  • Do you want your users to fill out an information request form?
  • Do you want your customers to send a request for a quote?

These examples are all goals or goals you can set to grow your business.

With Divi, you will not need additional plugins to test different elements.

Thanks to the internal software you can test endless variations and analyze the results based on the goal you want to achieve.A / B Split Test, options


A / B Split Test - variants

After the system has collected the data, you can view it in the statistics panel.

It will be shown to you, depending on the time period you choose, how many times the various versions have been viewed and which has generated more clicks and convention rates.Results AB split test

Divi - A / B Split Graphic Test

Thanks to this tool you can optimize your pages to the maximum.

Once you have found the winning combination it will be easier to replicate the process and exponentially increase your earnings.

The Divi library

Our best WordPress theme introduces another important new feature that will save you time in editing operations.

As already mentioned, in the library you can save the elements you build and modify them from a single panel.

The elements created can be reused everywhere, because they can be imported into other pages that you will later realize.The library

But how many times have you had to change an element that is repeated on multiple pages several times?

With the “standard” themes, changes of this type could only be made if the element was inserted in a sidebar or a widget area.

In Divi instead, the elements can be made Global.

In this way, every time you make a change, to any global element in the library, the system will automatically synchronize it wherever it has been inserted.

Convenient right?

Global Divi elements

The features of Divi

It should be specified that, in a single article, we cannot list all the functions that the theme proposes.

Those we have left out, however, are those that you normally find in all premium themes.

We wanted to focus on the aspects that make it truly unique and that give it the label of the best WordPress theme ever.

Divi also provides modules with which you can manage: sliders and slideshows, custom menus, portfolio sections, blogs with different types of visualization, animated counters, countdowns, accordions, maps, contact forms, icons, social media, testimonials, audio players, etc.

Here is a brief overview:

Divi modules


Each element can then be customized to a manic level.


Divi - slider

All 46 modules have a control panel with dedicated options depending on the module chosen.

Here, for example, the one reserved for the simple text:


Divi form options

As you can see there are 3 tabs that allow you to check everything.

  • Content: set what the user will view.
  • Design: control all the graphics aspect, the fonts and the typography, the colors, the borders, the shadows, the animations and so on.
  • Advanced: you can enter the custom code and set display options on various devices.

Is Divi the best WordPress theme?

After trying hundreds of WordPress themes, we feel like giving our sentence. Yes, it is currently the best WordPress theme in the market.

We know that, even if you are a WordPress fan, what has been said so far is enough to have made your mouth water!

Thanks to Divi, the gap between professionals in the creation of websites and beginners become even narrower.

Now more than ever, even those who have no competence in the matter, can create a professional site in a very short time and that will have nothing to envy to those built by the most renowned (and expensive) agencies.

What to do to get Divi?

Here is another really interesting aspect of the matter.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Elegant Themes is an independent software house, in the sense that their products can only be found on their website and not on other marketplaces like Themeforest.

The payment method is also different because it includes an annual subscription or a lifetime solution.

Why they are different

# 1 – Cost: the first (and most obvious advantage) is that a little more than the cost of a normal premium theme, you will have access to all their products.

The products of which I speak are  87 WordPress themes including Extra and 3 premium plugins among which we mention Monarch for the optimization of social sharing and Bloom to manage opt-in emails.

plugin elegant themes


# 2 – You will not be bound to the subscription:  even if you do not continue with the subscription after the first year, you will always be able to keep all the themes that you have downloaded that will continue to work regularly.

# 3 – Guarantee of continuity:  with the life solution, it is true that you will pay a little more, but you will have available all the products that will be added, all the libraries of modules that they periodically publish and the dedicated support.

In addition, of course, you will continue to receive forever updates to themes and plugins, so that your site is always up to date.

Finally, let’s not forget that, since its first version was launched, Divi is a product that has had incredible growth in terms of performance and we are sure that, as the WordPress world evolves, the developers of the Elegant Theme will be among the first to propose important innovations.

Getting there first means staying one step ahead of the competition.


In this article, we presented what we believe to be the best WordPress theme ever.

If you haven’t already done so, try the brand new visual builder now to see it at work and sign up for  Elegant Themes as we did and more than 430,000 satisfied customers.

Another small suggestion before saying goodbye: a theme of excellence needs an excellent provider.

This is why we advise you to trust the best hosting in the world for WordPress sites: SiteGround.

Register your domino with NameSilo, we have been using it for years and we have always found ourselves beautifully.

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