Bloom Plugin Review [2019] Email Opt in Plugin

Bloom Plugin Review [2019] Email Opt in Plugin

In this post, we will learn about Bloom plugin, developed by Elegant Themes that have been studied precisely for this.

In addition, at the bottom of the article, you will discover another additional advantage that you will get in choosing the products.

First though, a bit of clarity.

What exactly is an email opt-in like Bloom plugin?

This is a “technique” used to obtain consent to send communications via electronic mail.

The USA regulations are very strict in terms of privacy and therefore, anyone who intends to approach the world of web marketing must have tools that respect them.

Thanks to opt-in, it is the user himself who subscribes to a list and therefore voluntarily manifests the consent required by law.

There are several types of Opt-in.

Single Optin

It is the most “simple” technique. It foresees the registration to a list through a simple form present on a website.

The limit is that it does not provide for the verification of the address entered so potentially they could register fake or third-party e-mails. The problem also occurs if you type the mail with typing errors. However, unusable contact would result.

Notified Optin

With this model, whoever registers to a list receives a notification of registration and a button to cancel it.

As you can imagine, it adds a level of protection when the e-mail address does not belong to the person who entered it.

Double Optin

It is the system that guarantees the highest level of security. After registering on the form, the recipient receives an email asking to confirm the registration.

Only after it has been confirmed will you be enrolled in the mailing list.

With the double Optin technique, compared to the previous one, typing errors are also eliminated and it is certain that those who have registered really wanted to do so.

Now that everything is clearer, let’s move on to serious things.

Build Opt-in perfect emails with Bloom

bloom design header

The slogan on the plugin’s web page says Convert Visitors into Loyal Followers (convert visitors into loyal followers).

This is the goal of Elegant Themes.

To succeed in the enterprise it is necessary to convince the user, making sure that his attention is drawn to ” an offer that he cannot refuse “.

Bloom offers you 6 different options. They are surely all to try in order to choose the one that best suits your audience.

# 1 – Optin with automatic pop up

Bloom email optin: popup

Pop up is perhaps the most classic way to increase newsletter conversions. It allows you to bring up a window that, by force of circumstances, captures the user’s attention because it is “obliged” to perform an action.

# 2 – Optin with automatic Fly-in

Bloom email optin: flyin

The Fly-in is similar to the previous one, but what appears is not a pop-up, but a box on the corner of the page.

For these first two categories it is possible to determine the appearance of pop-ups or fly-ins according to certain conditions :

  • After a set time.
  • When the user reaches the end of a page.
  • After the user has scrolled the page (according to a percentage you can set).
  • After the user commented on the post.
  • After buying a product.
  • After a period of inactivity.

# 3 – Optin Inline

Bloom email optin: inline

Often you may need to place the form in specific locations, such as in the middle of a landing page text. Thanks to Bloom, you will have a shortcode that you can add wherever you think it is strategic.

# 4 – Optin Below

Bloom email optin: below

Perfect for very long articles, it will allow you to channel attention to the end of each page. The plugin will automatically insert the registration form without compromising the reading of the article.

In this way the reader will not be distracted and, since he has come to read everything, he may be more inclined to register for your mailing list.

# 5 – Optin Widget

Bloom email optin: widget

Both sidebars and footers are great places to keep a newsletter registration box fixed. With different widgets, you can also customize the forms depending on whether the user is on one page rather than another.

# 6 – Optin Unlock

Bloom email optin: locked

This is the last treat that Elegant Themes has reserved for this plugin. Thanks to this function, you can prevent the display of a “premium content” unless the user leaves you their email.

Integrate Bloom with Email Marketing systems


The Elegant Themes plugin is already fully integrated with the most widely used email marketing systems in the world. What I definitely recommend you to try is Mailchimp because, among other things, up to 2000 subscribers are free.

A refined design ready for any eventuality

Bloom provides you with more than 100 pre-packaged templates to start from, which you can still customize as you wish.

You can decide the position of the keys in the form:

design bloom: form layout

Customize corners and dividers:

design: borders

Change the orientation of the images:

design bloom: images

Choose from endless colors:design bloom: colors


Another very useful feature

Elegant Themes has thought of ways to maximize conversions.

In fact, it happens that, when browsing a site, you see the same opt-in always appear. The problem is that not all posts talk about the same topic or maybe you need to target your communications more.

With Bloom plugin, it is easy to specify which categories, posts or pages should show opt-indisplay-options.


The dashboard of Bloom plugin

This is the true heart of the whole system. From the dashboard, very simple and intuitive, you can control every aspect of the plugin.dashboard


Create and manage options

The first section you will encounter is to build your opt-in (infinity):dashboard-create-opt-in

A / B Split Test

To maximize results it is essential to perform  Split Test.

An aid in this sense is provided by the integrated system, thanks to which you can put two different versions of the opt-in in competition. Only then you will understand which one attracts your users the most and increase the conversion rate.split-test dashboard



You can add an unlimited number of accounts. Bloom will organize them according to the provider, cataloging all the lists neatly.

In this way, it will be easier to understand the progress of each one and eventually to take measures for the less productive ones.accounts



The general trend will be able to monitor it thanks to the bar graphs that will collect for you all the data to be analyzed:

  • Conversion rates for the entire period.
  • Count of members in chronological order.
  • Growth rate.
  • Impressions and conversions of every single opt-in.
  • Chart “last 12 months”.
  • The number of subscribers for list lists.
  • Pages with higher conversion rates.

dashboard statistics

The data can be easily exported or imported to other sites with the same plugin.


Bloom plugin is a really great plugin and deciding to add it to your arsenal will ensure an increase in your newsletter subscribers.

As announced at the beginning of this article, however, relying on Bloom will bring you other benefits.

The Elegant Themes, in fact, makes its products available only through the official website.

You will not be able to buy a single product but, in one fell swoop, you will find many others; just to name a few:

  • Divi, the best WordPress theme currently on the market.
  • 87  Premium Themes by category.
  • Monarch,  the plugin for encouraging social sharing.
  • Other premium plugins like Maintenance Mode or HandHeld Mobile.

The combined use of the tools of a single software House (which counts over 350,000 customers), will give an extra boost to your site and will ensure you always stay up to date with the latest trends.


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