The 9 Best WordPress Themes [in 2019]

The 9 Best WordPress Themes [in 2019]

In this article, we will review the best WordPress themes based on sales data, customer evaluation, functionality, and experience.

After hosting, the choice of a theme is basic for the success of a website, because, in addition to embellishing it with spectacular graphics, it guarantees the best technical performance.

Reading it will help you narrow the field and find a permanent solution for your project.

The Best WordPress Themes Review:

Ready to start the journey? Let’s go!

1. Divi

divi themesThe first theme that we take into consideration has been realized by  Elegant Themes, one of the most famous and renowned agencies in the world.

The Elegant Themes has decided to offer its products with an annual subscription fee, (or through the payment of a single solution), which gives access to all available themes and plugins.

You can then use  Divi, Extra + the other 85 themes + the indispensable plugins like Bloom and Monarch for little more than the price of a normal advanced theme.

The advantage? Everything will always work perfectly because every element is designed by the same team of developers.

In addition, there are no limitations on the number of sites on which you can upload the Elegant Themes. Unlike the other developers, for whom a theme license is required for each site, you can use Divi and all other products on an infinite number of projects.

Elegant Theme data

500. 000+ Subscriber Customers

87 Usable topics

3 Plugins included


Divi is one of the most modern design themes, both on the front end side and as a control panel.

Everything has been studied in detail to make the creation of the site itself enjoyable.

It includes numerous pre-set layouts, which you can load with a click on each page. They will help you get off to a good start right away using the graphics made by professionals.


DIVI BUILDER: Divi’s layout builder is simply perfect: practical, colorful, elegant, but above all functional. It includes 36 content modules, all customizable in detail.

VISUAL BUILDER: A new real-time visual builder has also been included in the new 3.0 release. It allows you to build and modify every aspect of the pages in real time, but it is useless to describe it:

Try the incredible visual builder in action for yourself! (free and without entering any email address).

CONTROL PANEL: Even the options panel is really user-friendly. It was designed to be intuitive and simple.

One of the aspects that most impressed us is the real-time view of the basic settings. Thanks to the theme modifier, in fact, by moving simple “levers”, you can change every graphic and typographic aspect and immediately view the result.

SPLIT TEST: Here is another feature that makes it truly unique. With Divi, you can create A / B split tests to see which version of the site “makes” the most.

For example, you can create two different headers with different texts and a button that reports the sale of a product. The system will show users both options and provide you with conversion data that identifies the best version of the two.

Continuing the optimization process will get more subscribers, more users, more sales …

PLUGIN: As mentioned before, the package also contains specific plugins of great value:

  • Divi Builder.
  • Bloom Email Opt-Ins (to create registration forms with email confirmation request).
  • Monarch the best plugin to share your pages on different social networks.



You can contact the team via chat or with a convenient internal ticket system.

I also find the blog section of the Elegant Themes site very useful, which includes numerous free resources to download, such as graphic layouts for Divi.

NOTE: in this article, we cannot analyze all the features of Divi, and that’s why we decided to write a review dedicated exclusively to him, which explains in detail why it is probably the Best WordPress Theme.

Go to the DIVI Demo

2. Enfold


enfold themeWhen we had to decide which theme to use we did meticulous research and decided that this was the perfect theme for our project.

After several years of use, we can say that we are not mistaken.

Although more “dated” compared to products like Divi it ​​remains among the top places in the sales charts of all time.

Sales data

171. 000+ Total sales

11. 500+ User comments

4. 83 User rating


Developed by Kriesi, an Austrian team of developers based in Vienna has everything they need.

DEMO CONTENT: Enfold, comes with different demo templates dedicated to various product categories, with which it will be very easy to start with the setup of your site.

LAYOUT BUILDER: The layout builder is not graphically extraordinary, but it is very powerful. The drag & drop system is simple and effective, we use it every day with great satisfaction.

SLIDER: Enfold provides Easy Slider as a plugin built into the theme, a slider system that is very easy to use even for the less experienced. But it also offers the premium Layer Slider WP plugin that will allow you to create full-page animations, with parallax and 3D effects.

OTHER FEATURES: Like all the best WordPress themes 2019 the features are not lacking.

  • Mega Menu
  • 4 different layouts for the blog
  • WooCommerce, WPML ready
  • Retina display support
  • Performance optimizer
  • Pop up for privacy and cookies
  • MailChimp integration
  • Much, much more …

Read the full review of Enfold.


We have never had any problems with the Enfold support team.

Given the enormous popularity of their products, there are hundreds of tickets on the official forum that solve any doubt you may have.

In the case of special requests, however, the Kriesi team is really appreciated for its competence and speed of response.

What else to add: just check the official page with the button below and you’ll see how many 5-star comments are posted every day.

Go to the ENFOLD Demo

3. Avada

avada themeWhen we talk about Avada we talk about the best-selling theme ever, ever!

As with Enfold, this is a guarantee of safety and solidity.

Sales data

475. 000+ Total sales

30. 000+ User comments

4. 77 User rating

Avada was created by ThemeFusion, an American team founded by Luca Beck and Muhammad Haris, and featured on ThemeForest in 2012.

Since then, it has helped generate sales of over $ 5,000,000.


The customization options, with Avada, are limited only by your imagination.

As with all the best WordPress themes 2019, Avada also offers pre-packaged designs that will simplify content customization (currently 45 complete sites and 275-page designs).

The team is in constant turmoil and, as you can see from the official page on ThemeForest, new graphic designs are always in production.


His incredible reputation has earned thanks to the many features he has always made available since the first release.

FUSION CORE: is a plugin that has been designed specifically for this theme. It includes an intuitive and versatile layout builder, thanks to which building your pages and personalizing them will be easy and fun. It is also associated with Fusion Slider, to create your animations, the mega menu, and an excellent shortcode generator.

CONTROL PANEL: at first glance, the menu of Avada’s theme options could really scare you. It is rich in options to customize and certainly needs more time than the other themes to be configured.

The good news is that it is probably the most flexible theme in terms of settings. Thanks to the numerous parameters it is possible to manage every graphic and typographic detail up to the most microscopic details, once learned to use it it will become its strong point.


  • Pre-set styles for numerous plugins including Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, The Event Calendar, WPML.
  • 6 Free premium plugins
  • Advanced header options.
  • White Label Branding
  • Tool for GDPR
  • Selective demo importer
  • Sliders integrated into the package: Layer Slider, Slider Revolution, Parallax Fusion slider, Super Sleek Elastic Slider.
  • Icons: Avada uses Crisp vector icons.
  • Advanced options for customizing blogs, portfolios, and typography.
  • Unlimited sidebars.


As for the support, you can easily trust what the developers say:

“We are proud to offer the absolute best after-sales support. We care about your site and we will help you in any way we can. ”

Go to the AVADA Demo

4. Salient

salient themeSalient is not “famous” as the previous themes, but its reputation is rapidly growing.

This is because it is very simple to use, is technologically advanced and has a really modern design.

Moreover, it is a theme that is updated very often and that is definitely in step with the times.

Sales data

86. 000+ Total sales

27. 500+ User comments

4. 80 User rating


ADVANCED BUILDER LAYOUT:  from the 10.0 release, Salient introduces (as Divi) the double layout builder, integrating the visual editor on the backend, also the front-end version for changes in real time.

SALIENT STUDIO: Even the demo uploading system follows Divi’s logic, which does not import entire sites but you will have more than 250 single page layouts that you can combine with each other.

ICONS: Usually the themes have a reduced choice of icons, but Salient uses the database of 4 suppliers. Let’s talk about over 3500 icons.


  • Optimized for top performance: 97% Page Speed
  • 9 portfolio styles, 19 styles for posts
  • Smooth animations and page transitions


The theme is well documented and the theme also has a really efficient internal ticket.

On Themeforest there are many other themes and if you want to research one with particular characteristics, all you have to do is put yourself to work.

Personally, we have tried dozens of them, but since their operation is similar, we have decided to analyze only a few in more depth.

They are the first on this list and they are the same ones you will find in the video course lessons.

In our opinion they can be enough to make a choice, because I assure you that you will be able to realize any type of site you want and if you have any questions about it, comment on this article as well.

However, we continue our analysis by listing other options included among the top sellers of all time:

Go to the SALIENT Demo

5. The 7

the 7 theme The 7 is a theme that we added during the update of this article in 2019.

It is a theme that has remained stable among the top sellers of ThemeForest for quite some time now and we are certain that it will reach the download figures of its colleagues.

Sales data

133. 000+ Total sales

15. 800+ User comments

4. 76 User rating


It is advertised as “the most customizable theme on the market” and in fact, it didn’t go very far.

DEMO CONTENT: When you have installed it you will find 40 demo sites already created in a dedicated menu, ready to be loaded with a click.

LAYOUT BUILDER: The layout builder is the well-known visual composer, to which however a package called Ultimate Addons is added, which adds several modules to the default ones. There are more than 1000 options to control the theme.

SLIDER: By purchasing The 7, you’ll find Slider Revolution, Layer Slider WP, Photo scroller and Pothole Slider. For Slider Revolution, the designers have also created a demo slide that you can download.

OTHER FEATURES: In addition to Ultimate Add-ons, the theme also offers two other premium plugins included in the package.

  • Convert Plug, which is a Bloom-like plugin from Elegant Themes. It allows you to create pop-ups to entice your users to register for your newsletter, watch a video, receive coupons, share your content, etc.
  • Go Pricing, useful for creating highly customized price tables.

In addition, there are other features to list:

  • Microsite (to create one-page or landing page sites).
  • Mega-menus.
  • Importer of single pages (via link).
  • 250+ Settings for pages.
  • 6 basic options for the header but with an infinite number of variants available.
  • Different viewing possibilities for portfolios, blogs, etc.
  • Optimized for speed and search engines (confirmed by Google).


Dream Team, the software house that created The 7 has a support service active from 8:00 to 17:00.

They usually respond within 24 hours of the request.

Go to THE 7 Demo

6. X | The Theme

x themeX is accompanied by the claim “The dawn of a new era”, and it really seems to reflect expectations. Currently, in second place in the 2019 sales ranking, it is very likely to reach the first place very soon.

Sales data

195. 000+ Total sales

7. 900+ User comments

4. 75 User rating

The theme is highly appreciated by graphic designers and web designers also because, when you buy X, you do not buy a single theme, but 4 types of unique designs (called Stacks) and over 30 pre-built demo versions, which guarantee a structure adaptable to any type of site.

For a long time, the themes sold on ThemeForest had a bad reputation, because not all developers used the best practices for writing code. In this, X stands out from the crowd, it was created with a very clean and performing code that guarantees excellent performance in terms of speed.

One of the features we like most is that the theme was built with an eye to marketing aspects, because, after all, it is not very important how beautiful a site is, but how much it can bring benefits in economic terms.

“Design is not how it looks or how it looks. Design is how it works. ”

Steve Jobs,


The support team is one of the best we can expect: a satisfactory answer has already been provided to over 20,000 questions between the official site and the forum on ThemeForest.


As anticipated above, 4 Basic Design Stack is available. Each one comes with CSS and absolutely unique graphic elements, which cannot be exchanged between the different stacks, let’s see them in more detail.

INTEGRITY: is the most feature-rich, able to satisfy any type of business site.

RENEW: creative and clean design, focused on flat design that is very fashionable nowadays.

ICON: the simplest of the 4, with minimalist design and without distractions.

ETHOS: designed for more informative sites, such as magazines or those based on news, which needs to organize a lot of content on one page.


LAYOUT BUILDER: in addition to the basic customization, you can build your pages refining every detail with  CornerStone (one of the newest on the market), and set the content as you see fit. The new builder allows you to build pages by viewing the frontend in real time so that you immediately have a clear view of the final aspect of the page.

  • UNDO / REDO function
  • Roles management and advanced permissions
  • Global blocks (as with Gutenberg)
  • Template Manager

7. Be Theme

be themeBe’s slogan has been for years: The Biggest Theme Ever.

Data in hand, to date, includes over 400 demo layouts, which are able to help anyone who wants to set up a site in the shortest possible time.

All this in a theme that weighs only 6MB (one of the lightest on the market).

In fact, we are certain that, among this incredible choice, anyone will be able to find one that meets their needs almost completely, regardless of the type of sector in which it operates.

Sales data

124. 000+ Total sales

12. 000+ User comments

4. 80 User rating

BeTheme was developed by MuffinGroup, and they too, thanks above all to this product, have already exceeded the Elite Author threshold.


Be Theme is by right one of the best WordPress themes 2019 because it is virtually unassailable in every respect. All its pre-packaged templates can be installed with just one click and already have different color and typography combinations to choose from.


MUFFIN BUILDER: The developers have created an ad hoc layout builder for their themes. Use the classic Drag & Drop technology, which allows you to build your pages using the many available elements.

CUSTOMIZABLE HEADS: BeTheme offers more than 20 different types of headers, usable with any layout, which allow you to manage menus and logos in every possible combination.

FONT: typography is one of the aspects for which BeTheme has very few rivals. It can incorporate over 600 Google fonts, but it also allows you to load any font you intend to use.

OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: there are many features not listed:

  • Translations
  • Mega Menu
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Maintenance mode
  • Custom Widgets
  • Slider Revolution and Layer slider
  • WooCommerce ready
  • etc…


With all these features you may need proper support. Online you will find very rich documentation that explains every single feature of the theme and indicates how to use it for optimal performance.

For those who need specific questions, a support forum is always available (in English) where authors and users help each other.

Go to the BeTheme Demo

8. Jupiter X

Jupiter x themeLike the previous ones, Jupiter is also a multi-purpose theme, meaning valid for many different types of sites.

It was created by Artbees, an independent agency founded in 2008.

Sales data

091. 000+ Total sales

13. 000+ User comments

4. 75 User rating

What we like most is the extreme cleanliness of the design and the control panel. Working on the backend side is really nice thanks to the dedicated layout builder graphics.


Jupiter is offered with over 150 pre-set templates, divided into categories.

Once purchased, simply choose the type closest to your sector and apply the model with just one click. Each design is unique and easily customizable.


LAYOUT BUILDER: The layout builder is the famous Elementor, which allows you to create pages in real time as happens with Divi.

CONTROL PANEL: Most premium themes have a lot of features, and managing every aspect can get complicated for inexperienced users. This does not happen with Jupiter: the panel is made impeccably, with obsessive care for the end user usability. This is, in our opinion, one of its strengths and one of the aspects for which it is rightfully in the ranking of the best WordPress themes 2019.

E-COMMERCE EASY: Jupiter can be perfectly integrated with WooCommerce, the most famous plugin in the world for creating a site to sell online. But that’s not all, there are already several templates available to set up an eCommerce, and modules have been designed to facilitate sales like that of loop products.

HEADERS: with Jupiter, you will never tire of trying all the available headers. With the 18 different styles, we believe we have really found a way to enter all the possible combinations.

OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: there are dozens of additional features, and it would be impossible to list them all, we see the most peculiar:

  • Dedicated builder for customizing the price tables.
  • Advanced dividers (to divide the screen, as well as the simple horizontal line, with diagonal, round or Greek backgrounds).
  • Icon box with innovative shapes (hexagon, rounded square rosette).
  • Possibility to use chromatic gradients for titles and buttons.
  • New Blog with 7 different graphic styles.
  • Incorporator of Instagram images.
  • Customizable widgets.
  • More than 1600 icons.


Artbees has set up a documentation site that contains over 100 articles. With them, you will know in depth every aspect of the theme you have purchased, and if this is not enough, you can always count on the support forum, the team of developers is very valid and responds in very short times.

Go to the JUPITER Demo

9. Bridge

bridge themeCreated by Qode, an agency founded in 2013 has quickly climbed the sales rankings on ThemeForest.

With their 16 active themes, they have already reached 2,000,000 dollars in products sold, 38 employees and are rapidly growing, a very positive aspect when a long-term issue needs to be assessed.

Sales data

056. 616+ Total sales

18. 616+ User comments

4. 56 User rating

Like his “colleagues” he shows he has every aspect necessary to be considered perfect for every project.


376 DEMO: loadable with a single click and with customized graphic elements for each type.

FREE PLUGINS: Bridge also provides premium plugins included in the offer. Let’s talk about Visual composer (the layout builder with drag & drop system), Slider revolution and Layer Slider, which will allow you to create spectacular animated sliders and Timetable.

MULTI-LANGUAGE: Even the needs of multi-language sites are solved thanks to full compatibility with WPML, the most famous plugin in the world for creating multilingual sites.

OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: We try, as for the previous ones, to list the most peculiar ones.

  • Magazine functionality with exclusive plugins.
  • Mega Menu, one of the easiest to set up and the richest possibilities for customization.
  • Built-in Portfolio, Gallery and Testimonials.
  • Page transitions with Ajax.
  • Infographics and counters.
  • Social buttons.
  • Full-screen search and menu.
  • More…


All the templates that are part of the best WordPress themes 2019 have a fundamental point in the support. The Qode team is no exception: efficient, generous in terms of online documentation and very fast in the answers on the dedicated forum.

Go to the BRIDGE Demo


We have come to the end of this review on the best WordPress themes 2019.

What I would like to mention is that all the topics we have analyzed are valid.

My advice is to open all the links in this article to view the previews (one for each browser tab).

Take a tour of all the pages and all the demo versions that are available. When you find the one that comes close to your site idea, save the link somewhere.

Remember to also check the features you always find in the demo menu. This way you can see how different developers handle similar elements.

At the end of the search discard those that do not convince you and choose the one you like best because, at a technical level, they are all extremely valid.

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