6 Best Image Optimizer to Optimize Web Image

6 Best Image Optimizer to Optimize Web Image

Knowing how to optimize web images is a determining factor for a page’s weight. Affects the loading speed of the contents and above all on the user experience.

Moreover, as explained in this article that contains all the secrets of SEO , images are one of the parameters that are evaluated by Google and other search engines, to give a judgment of the pages in terms of SEO, and have therefore become a fundamental factor for the construction of a site in a workmanlike manner .

Images with lower weight also mean faster backups and less bandwidth usage.

In a nutshell, optimizing web images is crucial!

In this article, we will review the best image optimizer tools to compress any type of format without losing quality.

Review of the best image optimizer

WP Smush

WP Smush is a plugin that is gaining considerable popularity because it fully performs the task without the site administrator doing anything.

The images are in fact processed in real time, as soon as they are loaded into the media panel.

The plugin is also able to optimize all the previously loaded images, just go to Media> WP Smush and choose the function that compresses the images in bulk, or in a single shot.

The performances are excellent, just consider that for a 3 mega jpg WP Smush manages to compress it by 10-20%, reaching a weight between 2.4 and 2.7 MB and sometimes even more.

It manages JPG, GIF and PNG files and shows a compression report for each image processed.

The only limitation of the free plugin is that it does not allow any control over how or how much to optimize images and is able to work only on images less than 1 MB.

WP Smush is also released with a paid Pro version that succeeds, thanks to multiple steps for each image, to compress them more than 2 times compared to the free version.

Here is a summary of the premium version:

  • Better compression
  • Possibility to manage images up to 32 MB
  • Compression of all files previously loaded in a single click
  • Backup of all uncompressed files (in case you want to restore)
  • 24/24 support every day
  • Access to the other 350+ developer plugins

EWWW Image Optimizer

ewww image optimizerThis plugin also allows you to optimize images at the time they are loaded. In addition, it allows you to convert the original format of the file so that you can choose the one that guarantees greater compression.

Like the previous one, it has a function that allows the compression of all the images loaded in the media panel.

If in the future you want to carry out the procedure again, the new bulk compression of the entire database will be much faster, because the already compressed images will not be touched (unless the compression parameters have changed).

EWWW Image optimizer works, by default, with a setting that guarantees compression without any loss of quality, the only thing that will change will be the size of the files, with the exception of the GIF animations.


imsanityImsanity, which allows, unlike the previous ones, to choose the default maximum size of the images to be optimized.

In fact, you can choose to have it work on different criteria, maximum width, height, quality.

When a user uploads a photo that exceeds one of the preset parameters, Insanity will automatically scale it to the configured size and replace the initial image.


shortpixel image optimizerShortpixel Image Optimizer is one of the plugins for optimizing the latest web images.

For this reason, it is also one of the best performings and has already collected over 60 million compressed images on over 32,000 websites.

To use it you must request the API key for free registration, which allows you to compress up to 100 images per month.

Then just install it, insert the key and you’re done!

The plugin can optimize the images previously saved directly from the Media Gallery.

From the control panel, you can choose the desired compression level, the settings for the thumbs, a possible backup copy, etc.

Here is a brief list of features:

  • Support 24 hours a day from developers.
  • It manages jpg, png, gif (also animated) and pdf images.
  • Highlighted images can be resized before they are optimized.
  • Automatically converts colors from CMYK to RGB.
  • For photographers, there is the option to maintain or remove EXIF ​​data.
  • It does not impose a limit on the weight of the images loaded.
  • 40-day report with detailed statistics on the compression of each image.
  • Work well with https sites and plugins like Wpml, eCommerce.


image optimAs a last suggestion we do not recommend a plugin, but a software, unfortunately only for MAC users, which allows us to optimize images on our computer, so before uploading to our site.

It’s called ImageOptim and it’s free. Using it is very simple. After installing it, just drag the images to be optimized into the application window.




Photoshop the most popular software in the world for photo editing and photo post-production could not fail to incorporate a function for optimizing images.

Compared to classic plugins it requires a slightly slower process, but the tool is very powerful.

The first step is to choose the image format. Depending on the subject, you can find a format that allows you to save more space.

For images with little detail or with few colors, you can generally try the gif or png path. The latter is also perfect for illustrations and icons while, for photographs, the jpg format is the one that certainly guarantees the greatest possibility of maneuvering.

Depending on the format, the number of colors, the color palette, the compression level, etc. can be determined.

The system shows the preview of the original image and the compressed image and provides all the data on the final weight and the settings we have assigned to it.

Definitely suitable for compression “maniacs”.

The tool is very intuitive to use, no video lessons are needed to explain how it works, but if you want to learn more about Adobe’s software and learn to master images for your website (and beyond) we have a dedicated course available.


Image optimization is one of the aspects that must be taken into consideration when embarking on a web project.

The quality and lightness of the pages will please your users and especially the search engines, which will reward your site because it is considered more efficient than others.

I also remind you that for SEO purposes it is important to optimize images also from the point of view of metadata.

We hope this best image optimizer tools article has been helpful, good compression!

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