AlterPDF 3.5 Free Download –

AlterPDF 3.5 Free Download –

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Reviewed on November 28, 2018

The AlterPDF free PDF editor and PDF converter is the most flexible PDF alteration software you can imagine.

It is a PDF converter that enables you to modify your PDF documents, convert them to image files and extract both text and images. You can split files, merge them, move and delete pages, and encrypt and sign your converted file. Download, install and launch AlterPDF to display a simple interface with a menu panel – Sources, Operations, Settings, Print, and Exit – at left and an info and formatting panel at right.

Drag the PDF files you want to modify or convert to the work panel or drag image files to be converted to PDF. The files are listed in the upper portion of the middle panel and are previewed in the lower portion. You can also use the ‘Add‘ button to select files. Click on any file to preview the contents and display metadata at right.

Conversion, modification, and security tools are displayed:

  • Conversion – PDF to Image, Image to PDF, Extract Text, Extract Images.
  • Modification – Merge PDF, Split PDF, Rotate Pages, Crop Pages, Extract Pages, Remove Pages.
  • Security – Encrypt, Decrypt, Change Metadata, Sign.

Click the required icon and make your requirement selections in the right-hand panel. You can convert either an entire PDF file or selected pages to JPG, BMP, EMF or TIFF image files. The PDF converter enables you to convert JPG or BMP to PDF format. Extracting text allows you to save selected text to a TXT format and extracting images lets you save a file to the required image format.

Use the modification icons in the same manner. Merge PDF allows you to save multiple PDF files as one and Split PDF lets you select the pages to split. Rotating and cropping tools save your results to new files. The PDF editor also saves extracted pages as individual PDF files and removes pages to save the edited document to a new file. You simply select your requirements in the right-hand panel and click the button to save them.

Password protecting and checking permissions, decrypting files and changing metadata are all done in the same manner with all the selections you make easily carried out in the right-hand panel.

Here you set your output directory and select the prefix for the new files you create. You can also change the language, preview made and page units.

Documents can be printed directly from the program.

AlterPDF is an easy to use free PDF converter and editor with an amazingly wide range of tools. Even the most inexperienced users of PDF creation applications will find themselves highly productive in a matter of minutes. It is compatible with all recent versions of the Windows OS and requires only 15 MB of disk space.

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